HMMMBio Test

I’ve been fortunate in having a two-track career which has allowed me to pursue both my love for photography and my life-long interest in documentary television and film as a medium for socially responsible journalism, for education, and for personal expression.

After graduating with an Honours English degree from McGill University in 1969, I had a vague plan to become a documentary filmmaker and went off to New York to study film directing at Columbia University. My studies at Columbia gave me a basic grounding in production and, after a stint as a news writer at CTV’s Canada AM, I felt ready to produce and direct my first documentary, a biography, A. M. Klein: The Poet As Landscape. The film was a success, broadcast by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in 1980, and widely distributed afterwards. After my wife, Naomi, and I had our twin children in 1981, I went to work for the CBC. I stayed there for eighteen years, working first in the documentary unit of CBC’s flagship current affairs program, The Journal, and then at the investigative program, The Fifth Estate, where I produced a number of important stories. After leaving the CBC in 1999, I resumed work as an independent producer/director/writer and have focused largely on films about Jewish history and culture, subjects close to my heart.