BUILT TO LAST: Montreal’s Enduring Architecture



EXHIBITION HAS ENDED. April 28 to May 29, 2015, Mon-Fri 1-6 pm, Sat-Sun 11 am-6 pm, IX Gallery, 11 Davies Ave., Suite 101, Toronto.

Montreal was Canada’s most important city for well over a century, and its architectural heritage, which dates back to the era of New France, remains unparalleled in Canada. I was born and educated in Montreal, and beginning in 1984, I travelled from my home in Toronto back to my native city almost every year to make images of its built environment. Over three decades I have captured a wide range of the city’s buildings: its distinctive residences, its heritage landmarks, many commercial and industrial structures, and numerous religious facades. I am presenting about two dozen of those images in this exhibition, part of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival for 2015.