Spadina Avenue and Kensington Market in Transition

This area of Toronto. the centre of the city’s Jewish community in the mid-twentieth century, has been reshaped by successive waves of immigrants. It still retains its vibrant character and some remnants of Jewish life.

More Jewish Music in Pictures

More new and old images from Montreal’s annual KlezKanada Yiddish culture festival, from Toronto’s bi-annual Ashkenaz Festival, and portraits of some of Jewish music’s best performers and teachers.

The Posthumous Landscape: Jewish Historical Sites in Western Ukraine

More than seventy years after the Holocaust, Western Ukraine’s Jewish communities have vanished from the public consciousness, but the remnants of their existence are everywhere.

Architectural Devolution: Industrial Buildings in a Post-Industrial Age

A survey of older industrial buildings within the de-industrialized urban context. Some of these structures have disappeared and many have outlived their original functions.

Built To Last: Montreal’s Enduring Architecture

Montreal was Canada’s most important city for well over a century. Its architectural heritage remains unparalleled in Canada.

Jewish Poland: Historic Sites

For centuries, Poland was the home of the largest and most important Jewish community in the world. Decades after the Holocaust, the Polish landscape is still replete with sites remaining from the history of Jewish settlement.

Early Sunday Morning

Near deserted streets and century old brick buildings in dowtown Toronto evoke the atmosphere of Edward Hopper’s depictions of early twentieth century New York.

Jewish Poland: Cemeteries

The cemeteries in Warsaw and Lodz are among the largest Jewish burial sites in the world. Smaller cemeteries, such as those in Krakow, Wroclaw, and Tarnow, are also steeped in history, physically lush, and resonant emotionally.

Jewish Music in Pictures

Portraits and candid images of leading performers, students and fans, in the Klezmer, or Yiddish and Jewish music, revival. Many of these images were made at two festivals: KlezKanada (Montreal) and Ashkenaz (Toronto).

The Disappearing City

Scenes reclaimed from a mid-century urban childhood: ancient storefronts, street-corner industrial plants, the brick facades of factories. Those streetscapes are almost all gone except in the poorest sections of the city.

Synagogues of Montreal

Synagogues of the Plateau Mont-Royal, photographed for Sara Tauben in July 2000, and reproduced recently in her new book, Traces of the Past: Montreal’s Early Synagogues.