Frequently-Asked Questions

Photos, Prints and Printing:

Who prints David Kaufman’s photographs?

All photographs now sold by David Kaufman are printed by him personally on his own printer.

What kind of equipment is used for printing?

David uses a current model large-format Epson printer with 10 cartridges of pigment inks. These inks, when used with high quality papers, allow prints to last without fading for many decades under typical residential display conditions.

What kind of paper is used for printing?

David’s preferred media are baryta-coated inkjet papers that resemble the fibre-based papers used in chemical darkrooms. David uses papers made by the European manufacturer Canson, which are excellent for both colour and black and white images.

Do you sell framed prints?

No, we only sell unmounted and unframed prints. This avoids the high cost of shipping framed artwork, and allows buyers to make their own decisions about framers and framing.

What kind of equipment does David use to make his photographs?

All of David’s architectural work has been photographed on larger format cameras. From 1984 to 2009 he used Sinar architectural view cameras taking 4 x 5 inch pieces of film. Since 2010, he has used a smaller Arca Swiss view camera with Phase One high resolution digital backs. Both these systems produce large prints with impressive levels of detail. From about 1970 to 2008 David shot portraits and other work with smaller cameras, both 35mm and medium format film cameras. Since 2009 David has used Nikon digital cameras for all work aside from architecture, such as portraiture and concert photography.

Editions and Copyright:

In what sort of editions are the photographs reproduced?

All photographic prints are produced as signed but open editions. For many photographs, only a few prints are sold. Keeping editions open means keeping all prices relatively reasonable, even for photographs that are more popular.

Who owns the print that is sold?

You own the print that you buy, but not the copyright, which remains with the photographer. That means you can sell the print or give it away without restriction, but you are not allowed to reproduce the image, to allow others to store or reproduce it in any way, or to use or allow others to use the image for any purpose, even a charitable one, without David Kaufman’s express permission in writing.

Taxes, Shipping and Handling, Payments:

Are taxes payable on the sale price of prints or other goods?

For prints or DVDs sold within Canada, the provincial or territorial rates of tax will be added to the price. For goods sold outside of Canada, there is no tax.

How will you ship my print and what will it cost?

All photographs will be shipped for FREE within Canada and the continental United States, excluding the Canadian territories and Alaska. Shipments to those places and international destinations will be quoted separately. Our preferred carrier is Fedex Ground, which can ship to most places in North America within a week.

How will my print be packaged for shipping?

Smaller prints will be shipped flat, packed in sturdy cardboard. All prints, even small ones, are printed on rolls of paper and may not lie very flat when removed from the packaging. It’s better to leave these prints in their packaging, which will keep them flat, until they are mounted and/or framed.

Large prints will be shipped rolled up in large mailing tubes. If you order a print that is shipped in a tube, you must exercise great care in unpacking the print and unrolling it. It is very easy to kink the paper when unrolling a large print, and we will not be responsible for replacing prints damaged in that way. Large prints should be carefully stored in their tubes until taken to a shop for mounting and framing.

Large and small prints to be picked up or delivered by us in the Greater Toronto area will be packed flat in sturdy carboard.

How will you ship my DVD and what will it cost?

DVDs will be shipped by postal airmail at cost for postage and packaging. The costs of shipping and packaging will be added to the price.

How are payments handled?

Payments can be made by credit (Visa, Mastercard, or Amex) or debit card, or through a Paypal account. Payment processing is handled securely by Paypal.

Guarantee and Returns:

What sort of satisfaction guarantee do you offer for prints?

We want you to be happy with your photographic purchase. If for any reason you are unhappy with the print, you may within 15 days of receipt of the shipment return the print to us for a full refund. You must contact us first before returning the print, either by phone or email, and the print must be shipped back to us undamaged and in the same packaging in which it was sent to you. Our carrier for returns is Fedex Ground, but you will have to pay return shipping costs, including reasonable insurance as required. Upon receipt of the undamaged print, we will issue a full refund for the amount paid for the artwork.

What happens if the print is damaged in transit?

If the print is damaged in shipping, or visually defective in some way, please contact us immediately and send us photos of the damage so we can pursue a claim with the carrier. We will then send you a replacement print at no additional cost. After you receive the replacement we will request that you destroy the damaged or defective artwork.

What is the contact information and return address?

Telephone: (416) 398-0007
Shipping address: David Kaufman, 8 Sandale Gardens, Toronto, ON M3H 3V4, Canada